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INAR (InternetArray Inc) .0012- A Hot Stock On The Move

INAR (InternetArray Inc) continues to garner major investor interest over the past week as traders anticipate the launch of one of the most promising websites in the company's history; which is expected to be released sometime in the coming days or weeks ahead. INAR was initially alerted to our VIP Subscribers at .0003 cents 2 weeks ago and offered our VIP Subscribers opportunity to purchase shares as low as .0002 cents. Last week the stock started a rally trending higher and surged on Friday to an intraday high of .0014 cents and closed the session strong at a modest .0012 cents. INAR is a stock which had rallied in the past from similar triple zero ranges to .0040 cents. Now that the company has been on a major turn around with significant progress we expect to see the stock exceed all expectations. That being said we expect to see further gains for the month of July and possibly in the coming months as the company progresses.

We have recently seen OTC Penny Stocks make impressive runs such as BBDA from .0004 cents to .0039 cents and HLNT from .0010 cents to .0135 cents. We believe INAR may be the next biggest runner with potential for a similar run like HLNT and quite possibly one like one of the most memorable OTC runners in history; GOIG which ran from .0004 cents to .06+ cents a few years ago. Below you can see the INAR weekly Pivot- Point chart which shows significant upside potential.

INAR (InternetArray Inc) Chart & Main Keypoints
- Weekly Pivot-Point chart depicting excellent MACD, ChiOsc, and Accum/Dist. Check out the R1 and R2 price targets. The Pivot Point is at .0834 cents means plenty of upside potential.
INAR Weekly Pivot chart .0834
To see the INAR Video Chart please click the link below.
INAR (Internet Array) .0012 Cents

Bid: .0011 Cents

Ask: .0012 Cents

Target: .01+ to .08+ cents potential. ( Weekly Pivot-Point chart depicting excellent MACD, ChiOsc, and Accum/Dist. Check out the R1 and R2 price targets. The Pivot Point is at .0834 cents means plenty of upside potential.)

INAR Main Keypoints

- New website to be launched soon

- New Apple IOS products nearing completion to be out in the market soon!

- SPIN-OFF of 2 Subsidaries and should add significant value to the stock PPS.

- Pending regular news updates.

- CEO has huge ties to global Asia market
- New ongoing product development and sales.

- Float only 97 million confirmed on recent filings. The previous Float number taken from OTC site was incorrect.

About Us
InternetArray, Inc., a Delaware corporation, is an internet development, technology licensing and marketing company. We provide guidance and investment for innovative, early stage web-centric companies. Our company's primary mission is to identify and develop associated collaborative business partners into viable and profitable companies.

Contact Info

In the INAR Chart below we can see the 200 day moving average at .0040 cents. A break of this could start an HLNT type run to the .01+ to .08+ cents range.
INAR daily chart
Share Structure
Market Value1$723,691a/o Jun 28, 2012
Shares Outstanding1,447,382,863a/o Mar 31, 2012
Float97 Milliona/o June 28, 2012
Authorized Shares1,990,000,000a/o Dec 31, 2011
Par ValueNo Par Value

Recent News
Noobis, Inc., an InternetArray, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: INAR) holding, announced it has progressed on the development of new products geared to small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations. This will include lighter versions of existing products like Amplify and new offerings which have already been tested with clients.
"We're finding that the smaller and medium sized client has the desire but not necessarily the budget forcustomized development," said Jon Brennan, President and CEO of Noobis. "We've reviewed a number of our custom products and are in the process of streamlining and automating the development process to provide attractive and affordable versions to this market."
The company plans to rollout these product offerings over the next 90 days with new revenue expected to begin during the 4th quarter.
About Noobis, Inc. (
Noobis, Inc. develops and integrates social media applications and networks. In addition to building its own Internet assets and technologies, Noobis works with clients and partners to leverage the emerging social media marketplace.
InternetArray Subsidiary Noobis Reports Increased Sales Margins and New Releases

NEW YORK, NY, Jun 19, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- InternetArray, Inc., (PINKSHEETS: INAR), reported that its subsidiary, Noobis, Inc.'s economies of scale have led to a 25 percent increase in sales with a stronger-than-expected sales margin, the result of expansion that began with the opening of a development office in Dhaka, Bangladesh in conjunction with establishing new sales channels through key partnerships.
Continuing to build upon its strong social media technical skills and presence, Noobis has significant new applications nearing completion. A new suite of offerings are being readied for imminent release to spearhead the second half of 2012 sales push, including the Company's first iOS App. This photo app for iPhones and iPads currently in Alpha testing, will be introduced early next quarter and will encourage sharing via social media and phone contacts. The app is designed to generate revenue through vendor sponsorship and mobile ads.
InternetArray, in conjunction with Noobis, has developed, a new financial social media-based network forum for investors focused on companies trading on the OTC Markets. StockPlay has been in testing mode and the new live site is expected to be available to the public in the coming weeks.
Other significant new product and business platforms are nearing completion and will be released in the near future.
Business Affairs.
In April, 2012, InternetArray announced that it was planning the spin-off of two subsidiaries for the benefit of its shareholders into independent public companies. BidSell Buy, Inc., and Premier Gold Traders, Inc. are contemplated to be fully-reporting companies listed on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board ("OTCBB"). Preparations for completing both spin-off registrations are underway.
InternetArray, Inc. received notice that the Depositary Trust Company ("DTC") deposit chill on its common stock may be appealed by the Company. Therefore, an appeal filing is underway.
This press release may contain certain statements that are not descriptions of historical information, but are forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Exchange Act of 1934. These forward-looking statements refer to matters that involve risks and uncertainties. Such statements reflect management's current views and are based on certain assumptions. Actual results could differ materially from the assumptions currently anticipated.

Contact: Investor Relations InternetArray, Inc. Email Contact

SOURCE: InternetArray, Inc.

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