Saturday, January 21, 2012

Penny Stock Geeks

SNDY (Solos Endoscopy) .0010 Cents- The Next VKNG In The Makings?

Tonight we bring you another undiscovered biotech medical company that has yet to be truly discovered by the investment community. SNDY is an impressive company which has been on our radars since 2009.  On October 2009 the stock rallied from .0030 cents to over .023 cents in a span of a few days. Since december of last year we witnessed some mind boggling information about the company which has prompted us to scratch our heads on why the pps was so low. Since our inital alert on thursday to our VIP members at .0008 cents the stock rallied to hit a high of day at .0012 cents and closed the session even at .0008 cents. On friday the stock got even more attention after we brought the stock out to the public with an incredible 29+ million in volume and almost $30,000 dollars traded. In december the company made a very positive announcement expecting 2012 to be the year for their company and the profits from the sale of their products; specifically their Mammoview breast cancer detection systems. They also mentioned sales exceeding $30,000 per month over the past few months and expected sales and profits to soar further for 2012.  The company even went on further saying they are advancing to keep up to date with the needs of todays medical community and will be coming out with a number of new products including more advanced breast cancer detection systems to help doctors and specialists perform their job more easily and accurately. 

Breast cancer in women is one of the leading causes of death among women in the world today and the need for reliable and cost effective equipment to perform accurate diagnosis is in high demand. This is where SNDY comes in with their advanced medical diagnostics technologies which are keeping up to date with advancing medical changes across the globe. We believe SNDY is one of those hard to find "gems" similar to VKNG which ran from .0080 cents to over $1 dollar on their 3D surgical medical device. We urge all investors and readers to invest in a worthwhile cause helping to save the lives of women in the fight against breast cancer. Your investment today could be saving a life tomorrow. With a billion dollar market and an experienced management team, SNDY has carved a niche and proved to be a valuable player. We expect to see further advancement within the company itself and look forward to a very profitable future. Being cost effective, our target price for SNDY remains at .02 cents near term with the potential for the stock to hit .10 cents or higher if the company receives CE mark status which would boost sales across the world by a huge margin.

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