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SHKZ .0022 (Shaka Shoes Inc)- The Next Hottest Solar Stock?

We first issued a buy alert on SHKZ with the bid at .0014 and the ask at .0015 cents to our VIP Subscribers after discovering that the company was preparing to become one of the most promising companies in its class in one of the most profitable industries in the world. Shaka Shoes is a company that once produced shoes, but has now gone into the rapidly expanding solar market business. During our extensive research we unearthed some stumbling facts indicating that 3 acquisitions had already taken place and the 4th major acquisition was expected early January of 2012. Another major milestone was that the company had won a very profitable contract with the Florida area Schools which were worth in the million dollar ranges. After reviewing further we were surprised to see the stock at such a low pps level when determing pps valuation. Since we brought out our alert on the stock, SHKZ has got the investment community buzzing and we believe this could be one of the most promising stocks for January 2012 and perhaps for the rest of 2012. Furthermore a name/ symbol change is also expected to be completed shortly. So far the stock has slowly crept upwards over 40%+ from our initial alert and looks headed for further gains. The company has changed it's name to RenuEn Corporation, and a website is in the works and currently under construction.

The SHKZ Chart can be seen below. The 50 Day Moving Average at .0021 cents has passed and we can see strong accumulation taking place recently. The 200 Day Moving Average is at .0064 cents which could possibly break on major news sending the stock to .01+ to .03 cents.

The new website is listed below and currently under construction.

Solar Energy is growing at a fast pace.  With the rising cost of energy to power homes and businesses, solar energy appears enticing.

Here is a link on the outlook of the Solar Energy Market as featured on BNN (Business News Network).

Dec. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Lynn Jurich, president of SunRun Inc., talks about the solar energy market. Jurich speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." Chang also reports on the outlook for the solar energy industry. (Source: Bloomberg)

Who is James Scott?

Owner of Princeton Corporate Solutions who has purchased Shaka Shoes, Inc.

 I have provided links below if you would like to read up on James Scott who has considerable expertise based on his work with other companies.!/princetoncorps
Linked In - 500+ connections.!/profile.php?id=100000330214561

2010 Annual report old CEO

2011 Annual report new CEO

James Scott is a Member of Many Powerful Economic and Legislative Think Tanks:

The American Enterprise Institute
The Hudson Institute
The Manhattan Institute
Economic Research Council
American Institute for Economic Research
The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Institute and more.    

A Brief History of SHKZ

1. James Scott purchased Shaka Shoes, a fledgling shoe company.

2. The Financials were edited

3. Shaka Shoes was enabled for public trading

4. initiattion rollup/merger acquisition mode for quick growth.

5. Focus was placed on Solar sales and installation, more profitable than development/production.

6. The first company was acquired.  Classic Conservatories originally ran by Chris Edwards and Peter Burley.  Chris and Peter helped grow a British company in the same market into a 400 million Euro powerhouse before coming to America and starting Classic Conservatories.  Chris and Peter will be remaining on as senior management; we expect to see an immediate increase in sales and revenue without the need for a large capital investment, since the existing infrastructure of Classic fully supports our growth plan.

7. The second company was acquired. Home Energy Experts, which was founded by Jim Quigley, who sold his Basement Experts company to Ownes-Corning. Anyone in construction knows about this company. He employed 250+ people in this company. He has a unique understanding of installations and remodeling. Also, we are focusing on the East Coast so being based in Atlanta is key. Mr. Quigley had built his small franchise in only a few short years to a company with over $100,000,000 in sales a year, before selling the business and starting to Home Energy Experts.

A Brief Synopsis of  what to expect from SHKZ moving forward (What is in the works currently for SHKZ?)    1. Exploring growth opportunities in the renewable and solar power industries. We want to be a service oriented company, focusing on sales, service and installation, which is more profiable than manufacturing and development.

2. We expect additional mergers/aquisitions per CEO

3. Aquisition of Interdyn CFO Consulting. We current have an LOI to acquire Interdyn CFO Consulting, a Florida based reseller and integrator. We want to have seven new offices on the East Coast. Because of their existing processes, they will allow us to take orders, schedule, accept payment all in real time which will be very advantageous.

4. We expect to move back to a fully reporting company once financials of aquired companies are fully audited.

5. We expect, once DTC processes are completed, SHKZ name and stock symbol will be changed.

6. A new website which will incorporate the new name for the company is now in the works.

Recent PR's
Shaka Announces New Corporate Headquarters; Introduces Additions to Executive Management Team

Shaka (OTCPK: SHKZ), a leading globalization and corporate strategies firm, today announced the Company's newly appointed Executive Management team as well as the establishment of its Corporate Office in Union, New Jersey. Shaka has recently begun a strategic reorganization that has created a rapidly growing solar and renewable energy company, and is now undergoing the operational process to solidify its place as a leader in the industry.

"I am proud to introduce the new members of our Executive Management Team, and am confident that these individuals will be invaluable to Shaka's future success," commented James Scott, CEO of Shaka.  "We have appointed Chris Edwards as Vice President of Marketing, Peter Burley as Vice President of Operations and Jim Quigley as Vice President of Sales. Chris and Peter joined our team through the acquisition of Classic Conservatories, and Jim brings years of sales experience from his time in the industry; most recently with Home Energy Experts, Shaka's other recently announced acquisition."

Additionally, Shaka has appointed J. Charles Nemes as Executive Vice President of Operations and Business Development. Mr. Nemes is the former Chief Operating Officer of SDI Solar, a Florida manufacturer and installer of solar products and services.  Most recently, he has been a consultant to Shaka as the Company began making acquisitions and strategic alliances in the solar industry. "The solar experience that Mr. Nemes brings to Shaka combined the marketing, sales and operational abilities of Chris Edwards, Pete Burley and Jim Quigley positions Shaka for a rapid entry into the solar and renewable energy market," Mr. Scott went on to say.

Since merging the Classic and Home Energy teams, Shaka has rapidly begun to increase its marketing and sales efforts.  The new executives have attended two home shows and received over 200 inquiries from homeowners expressing interest in having home energy audits.  Four additional sales representatives and a new sales manager have been added in New Jersey, and all have recently completed their training. These new positions are in addition to the six sales representatives currently working in the Atlanta office. The new sales team is expected to conduct their first home energy audits this week with new contracts being awarded every day. In order to facilitate this type of explosive growth, Shaka has also established a Corporate Headquarters in Union, New Jersey while maintaining satellite offices in New Jersey and Atlanta.

"Since the new operation began just weeks ago, our team has been continually selling energy audits and adding several new contracts to our pipeline. With these kinds of sales results and our proven model of providing energy-saving products and services to consumers, we expect to open additional profitable locations in multiple regions of the United States over the next few months," continued Mr. Scott.
Shaka Completes First in Series of Three Strategic Acquisitions

Shaka (SHKZ.PK), a Pennsylvania based globalization and corporate strategies firm, is pleased to announce that the Company has successfully acquired Classic Conservatories and Solar; the first of three strategic acquisitions that will result in the creation of an immediate leader in the solar and renewable energy industry. Based in Union, New Jersey, Classic Conservatories and Solar is a world-renowned manufacturer of advanced technology sunrooms, with over 30 years of experience in building innovative, custom-designed conservatories and sunrooms. With many years and millions of dollars in sales, marketing and custom design-build experience, the Classic acquisition laid the foundation for Shaka to reach its goal, which is to become one of the largest providers of Residential and Commercial Solar Energy Systems in the Northeast by strategically partnering with the largest suppliers and integrators of solar in New Jersey.

"We are thrilled to announce that we have taken this crucial first step in our mission to develop one of the most powerful business models for expedited, scalable and ongoing growth that Solar and Renewable Energy sector has ever seen," stated James Scott, CEO of Shaka. "Classic has built tens of millions of dollars in Conservatories over the years and I am confident that the same will be accomplished under the final integrated entity."

The closing of the Classic acquisition instantly adds an experienced management and marketing team to Shaka; allowing for seamless financial, back office and sales integration. "With Chris Edwards and Peter Burley remaining on as senior management; we expect to see an immediate increase in sales and revenue without the need for a large capital investment, since the existing infrastructure of Classic fully supports our growth plan," added Mr. Scott. "We are confident that we will be profitable in our very first quarter of operations, and look forward to announcing the additional acquisitions that are expected to close in the coming days."

Shaka was assisted with the strategic acquisition by J. Charles Nemes of ISD Financial Group, a West Palm Beach Florida M&A Consulting Firm. "Mr. Nemes' prior experience as the Chief Operating Officer of a large Florida Solar Manufacturing and Installation firm clearly added valuable insight into the capabilities of Classic to rapidly enter into the solar energy space with the experience needed to employ scalability and efficiency in the Shaka expansion," said Mr. Scott.  
Shaka Announces Acquisition of Home Energy Experts

Shaka (SHKZ.PK), a Pennsylvania-based globalization and corporate strategies firm, is pleased to announce the closing of the acquisition of Home Energy Experts, the second in a series of strategic acquisitions aimed at creating an immediately profitable corporation servicing the renewable energy industry. The Company announced its first acquisition of the New Jersey-based manufacturer of advanced technology sunrooms, Classic Conservatories and Solar, last week.

Based in Atlanta, GA, Home Energy Experts specializes in evaluating and recommending energy-saving home solutions. Founded in 2009 by Jim and Kristin Quigley, Home Energy Experts utilizes the management team's 20+ years of experience of in-home sales systems and processes to introduce different methods of reducing energy consumption in homes and commercial buildings. Some of these methods include life-style changes, and property improvements that lead to energy cost savings directly to the consumer.

Jim Quigley has extensive experience taking small "mom and pop" contracting companies and growing them into large, profitable companies with strategic alliances with some of the biggest names in the industry. In 2000, Mr. Quigley purchased his first Owens Corning Basement Finishing Franchise in Toledo, Ohio.  Within two years he acquired additional franchises and was doing $40,000,000 in revenue, which ultimately got the attention of senior executives at Owens Corning in 2003.  Owens Corning ultimately purchased his unique and successful sales system for additional franchise opportunities. By 2007, using his selling system, Mr. Quigley had built his small franchise into over $100,000,000 in sales.

"We are thrilled to announce the rapid progression of our strategic initiative to combine the leading solar and renewable energy companies into a full-service industry giant," stated James Scott, CEO of Shaka. "We are in the process of fully integrating the sales and marketing experience that Mr. Quigley brings to our team with the management of Classic Conservatories, which will rapidly expand our national presence.  We are confident that as this process develops, we will see exponential revenue growth in the first quarter without the need for large capital investment. Because the Home Energy Experts sales cycle is only three to five days, this acquisition immediately adds to our anticipated weekly and monthly net revenues moving forward, allowing Shaka to continue its focus on further strategic acquisitions," Mr. Scott went on to say.      

Current Share Structure
a/o Jul 15, 2011

Market Value: $502,074 a/o Nov 09, 2011
161,959,200 Issued
55,595,000 Outstanding
200,000,000 Authorized Shares

Investor Relations Contact Info:

Michael Irving
Paramount Advisors, LLC

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