Sunday, March 26, 2017

USRM Surges 5,500% From .0016 Alert

USRM (U.S. Stem Cell, Inc) .082- This Medical Stem Cell stock was alerted to our VIP GOLD Subscribers several months ago providing a bargain opportunity to add shares as low as .0016 cents.
Over the past several months USRM has been on a tear and surged to an incredible high of .0915 cents posting well over 5,500% gains for our VIP GOLD Subscribers. An investment of just $5,000 could have returned over $260,000 in profits!

The USRM chart below shows how the stock has been on a gradual move from its lows during the latter part of last year up to present and how many of our stock picks continue to bring those "life changing" types of gains many traders dream of.


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