Thursday, June 30, 2016

LOTE (Lot87 Inc) .0039- Could History Repeat Itself From 2013 Again?

It is not every so often we stumble upon a rare opportunity but with Summer now upon us we have been digging hard for another "GEM" and we believe we have found one that could offer massive potential for investors; in fact we believe this stock could potentially make one's entire Summer! One question we ask ourselves is "Could history repeat itself again like it did in 2013"? For those of you who are unaware, back in 2013 LOTE (Lot78 Inc) skyrocketted from a low of .60 cents to a high of just over $20 dollars per share on a massive short squeeze. Today the stock with a low float of  just 77 million shares has caught our attention and in quite a big way for a number of reasons which we will explain in just a moment.  

Last week David Schmid took control of the LOTE Shell. Now for those unfamiliar with David Schmid he is known as  a guru in the stock market and business world and is the Ceo of ProPark Inc as well as Garage Juice Bar Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. Another fascinating discovery we came across was that the Attorney involved in HMNU which ran from a mere .0003 cents to a high of .30 cents is now involved with LOTE. HMNU with a float of 87 million shares which is slightly higher than LOTE's 77 million share float scores some more positive points for LOTE. 

Another interesting point to note is LOTE should be very close to releasing filings and news based on our research and we believe those looking for a rare opportunity could be in for a very special Summer treat with LOTE especially at current low sub penny price levels.


In Conclusion  we are excited about LOTE and believe those looking for a rare opportunity should take a close look at LOTE before major developments are announced.

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