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MBHC (Mobile Broadcasting Holding, Inc) .0022- 
Could This Be The Future Of Entertainment?

The World's first ever Mobile Broadcasting Network is now officially here created and launched by the geniuses of MBHC (Mobile Broadcasting Holding, Inc). This is a Technology stock with a low share structure and a float of just over 100 million shares.

Furthermore we believe this could be one of the most promising Technology stocks we have alerted to date since our NTEK alert several years ago which ran from triple zeroes to a high of .17+ cents making many of our members and followers hefty fortunes!

MBHC is positioning itself to be a major player in the Mobile Broadcasting Technology sector and we are excited on upcoming developments and news expected to kick off shortly over the coming weeks and months ahead. We believe the company is extremely undervalued at current sub penny levels and could see a significant move off these levels. If Twitter could pay $100 Million for Periscope we believe Whirld is a steal right now!

MBHC (Mobile Broadcasting Holding, Inc) .0022

                                                       Bid:    .0022

                                                                 Ask:   .0024        

MBHC (Mobile Broadcasting Holding, Inc. Due Diligence Report

200 centennial ave 
suite 200 
Piscataway, NJ 08854 
Phone: (877) 563-5500 


< Across from Verizon and Cablevision.

 Courtesy Google Maps)

Business Description

Mobile Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) The Mobile Broadcasting Corporation is a technology company that offers a communications platform for instantaneous mobile broadcasting. MBC seeks to redefine the current, limited, mobile television experience via a channelized broadcasting network with original content. 

Below are some of the keypoints on why we really like MBHC (Mobile Broadcasting, Holding, Inc)

  • With the recent launch of the companies patented app "Whirld" which allows users to broadcast unparalleled live video to a unlimited number of followers in real time on their smart phone could be a game changer for the Entertainment industry from the way we see it today.
  • MBHC's chart and due diligence shows tremendous upside for a massive breakout perhaps similar to what we saw with our past NTEK alert.
  • Company serious about share holder value and has reduced the authorized shares from 600 million to 250 million shares.
  • No toxic debt at all which is a huge plus for investors and potential investors.
  • CEO has 20+ years  in mobile communications and was a senior executive at AT&T and Verizon!
  • The company has a PATENT which is a value added bonus against competitors and potential BUYOUT offers! Please click the link below to view the patent.

Whirld provides a platform for unlimited, live interactive mobile broadcasting, while converging live social and informative media. Whirld is an entertainment hub, allowing users real time stream capabilities to share their world with unlimited communications. It will enable users to broadcast moments, happenings, and events through live mobile video to a select group of viewers, whether a few viewers or a million viewers.

Be the first.....

Imagine being in at the beginning of the 2000 "Dot Com" boom. Well ladies & gentlemen the Technology behind the World's 1st ever Mobile Broadcasting Network Studio could potentially offer massive opportunity for early investors. Timing is everything and we believe the time to invest in MBHC is now before the rest of the world finally discovers this extremely undervalued gem.

  • Users have the portability of using their mobile handset to live-stream
  • Offers users the capability to stream high-quality long form videos up to 120 minutes in duration
  • The convenience of viewing missed stream through Video-on-Demand (VOD) features
  • Allows for interactivity among users to comment on what they are viewing
  • Its Free like others but ready to monetize unlike any others- via advertising, PPV and Original Content.

What is the Whirld app?

Imagine being able to create your very own program on a Global Mobile Network.

A network like CNN, NBC or even HBO. But your program will be seen by anyone, anywhere around the world- LIVE on their Mobile phone or ipad or even TV.

You can have one person who tunes in LIVE like your father-in-law, 3000 Miles away, who can watch your child play little league baseball or…

100 million people watch you perform stand up comedy or watch you climb Mt.Kilimanjaro LIVE as you take every heart stopping step.

You can now invite your friends to watch you LIVE, while on vacation climbing the Eiffel Tower or Running the Bulls. Who needs a postcard when they can be with you!

Filmmakers or musical groups can now reach a global network of viewers in real time or pay per view content. Whether playing a live concert where you invite followers to view or having followers view your blockbuster movie.

Whirld App can earn big money based on specifically targeted advertising via Gravitater for each viewer that tunes in.

Precisely targeted advertising that is based on Gravitater, an award winning aggregator that many claim is 100 times better than Google Adwords And…

being precisely based on a users social media habits with mobile phone and its GPS location that it is 10X more received and viewed by end users who are truly interested as opposed to Youtube ads which are less targeted and deemed more obtrusive.

Introducing Mobile Broadcast Holdings Corp's Whirld App! Its not just an App it is a Global Platform where anyone, anywhere can share their Whirld view LIVE in real time. The cloud based platform can reach hundreds of millions who can now interact together in a whole new level. Now in the Apple Store and Google Play!

In conclusion after extensive due diligence we believe MBHC could offer an extremely lucrative rare opportunity for investors and anticipate significant developments and news over the coming weeks and months. With that said be sure to keep a close eye on MBHC.

Good luck and happy trading!


PSG Team

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