Sunday, February 3, 2013

Penny Stock Geeks

NTEK (NanoTech Entertainment, Inc) .018- Next Life Changer Penny Stock?

NTEK .018- Our #1 Penny Stock of 2013 and perhaps our best Penny Stock alert in the history of our Penny Stock awareness service since we started our service several years ago continues to garner major investor interest and broke the 200 day moving average of .0217 cents during Friday's trading session. The stock hit an intraday high of .024 cents posting well over 2,300% in potential gains since our initial alert at .0008 cents back in December. The stock saw what appeared to be heavy shorting and some impatient selling which caused the stock to retrace lower and close at .018 cents. However the after hours form T trades did show well over $146,000 dollars worth of shares purchased. The trading session closed with 25 million shares bought with just over 8 million sold for the day. Over the past several years up to now we have brought our VIP Subscribers a multitude of "life changing" Penny Stocks such as VDSC (.0007 to .0093) CWRN (.0003 to .029), CLNP (.0007 to .0114), ICPA (.0008 to .0585) amongs many others. We remain extremely confident in NTEK and believe this could very well be our best alert to date for this year since we started our service several years ago. Based on our extensive due diligence conducted along with regular company updates and increased investor interest, we believe NTEK could very well see a major rally possibly exceeding the $1 dollar price per share range or better in the coming weeks or months ahead.

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NanoTech Entertainment, Inc is a growing company, better in the coming weeks or months ahead.

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