Saturday, October 22, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

Last Months Winners    (GRPR 330%+ Gains!, VSHC 180%+)

GRPR .0135- This hot oil stock has bought our VIP members over 330%+ in profits last month when it surged from .01 cents to .043 cents. The best part is there looks to be more yet to come. It was not too long ago the stock was trading around .50 cents range. GRPR is still trading strong and we feel that it will do well from our due diligence and specifically from the latest news which stated drilling to start in October. We also know that Grid Petroleum owns 41 million barells of oil Basin acquisition. We could see a solid uptrend moving forward with another commodity stock that with the need for domestic Oil and gas could be a hedge during inflation.

VSHC .0035- Since our initial alert our VIP members were offered opportunity to accumulate as low was .0019 cents. The stock surged to .0049 cents bringing over 180%+ in potential profits for our members. At this point with the slower economy VSHC has managed to hold onto its gains well and we believe the future looks bright for VSHC and its shareholders.

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