Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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AVEW .0008 Cents- The Next UFC?

We bought AVEW to our VIP Subscribers last week at .0005 cents. Since then the stock has surged 80% to hit an intraday high of .0009 cents yesterday. With the incredible MMA event which took place this past saturday with a record 7,000+ viewers one need no long further to see what the horizon holds for AVEW. Being a stock trading such cheaply in the triple zero range, the potential for AVEW is just impressive. With the rumoured July mr Olympia event and much more things yet to unfold we believe AVEW will be one of the most talked about hottest Penny Stocks of the year. We bought our VIP Gold Members CWRN back when the stock was trading in the .0004 cents ranges last year which went on to post an amazing feat of 8,700%+  gains hitting 0.029 cents! The bottom line is there is no limit where AVEW can go and with the company being busy organizing their next event, sponsors and a number of other things; investing now in AVEW with the buy and hold strategy should bring exceptional gains for both the short and long term.

AVEW .0008 Cents Due Diligence Report

Actionview International, Inc. AVEW

AVEW Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $133,470 a/o Jun 01, 2011
Shares Outstanding 222,450,581 a/o Oct 21, 2010
Float 45,834,561 a/o Oct 21, 2010
Authorized Shares 1,000,000,000 a/o Oct 21, 2010
Par Value 0.001
Contact Info
  • 2975 N 2020 E
  • Suite 100
  • North Lorgan, UT, 84341

Business Description
ActionView International has completed its acquisition of MatchFights, LLC, which is now the focus of the company's operations. MatchFights, LLC and its World Championship Full Contact property deliver live, high-definition, pay-per-view events, including no-holds-barred, full contact fights, in an interactive venue over the Internet to a global audience. The live events will have broad appeal and include elements of fighting, music, ring girl contests, and other live entertainment as part of the broadcast.
CORONA DEL MAR, Calif., May 20, 2011 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- ActionView International, Inc. (Pink Sheets:AVEW) Chief Executive Officer Joe Wooten today released additional details on the company's June 4th WCFC "Last Man Standing" Championship Tournament at the Rail Event Center in Salt Lake City, stating, "This is by far our most exciting event to date and has generated an overwhelming response as far reaching as Canada and Europe. With so many talented fighters in the 155 lb. weight class, we chose a tournament-style event to determine who would be the raining lightweight WCFC champion. We selected the 16 best lightweight fighters from four states, and on June 4th, we will find out which one deserves to wear the WCFC belt."
According to Mr. Wooten, the tournament will follow slightly modified MMA rules to better reflect the nature of the event. Each bout will consist of one, five minute round with the winner being paid and advancing to the next match. With a 16-man field, the winner will have fought and won a total of four rounds. Utah laws restrict a fighter to five rounds in one night, allowing for one additional round in the event of a draw. Other rule changes involve standing fighters back up if they are not actively seeking to end the fight and deducting a point if a fighter on the ground clinches in order to force the referee to stand the fight up.
The company also released the names of several fighters, including Steven Sharp, Lucas Montoya, Gordon Bell, Cody Ziemer, Brad McRae, James Birdsley, Ty Hamblin, Kerry Lattimer, Jason Gybels, Tallon Hoffman, Derek Wilkerson, Sean Powers, Michael Parker and Pat Reeves. First round matchups will be by random selection.
Both the weigh in ceremony (June 3) and the tournament (June 4) will be broadcast live, at no charge, via the company's ActionViewTV technology on www.wcfc.com. Tickets for the event can be purchased online at www.wcfc.com or by calling 1-877-849-9349

ActionView International, Inc. (Pink Sheets:AVEW) today announced that its World Championship Full Contact (WCFC) brand is planning on exhibiting at the 2011 Joe Weider's Olympia Weekend Expo in Las Vegas, September 16th and 17th. The WCFC will also attend the Martial Arts Supershow, held in Las Vegas July 21st through July 23rd.
Joe Wooten, CEO of ActionView, commented, "We are excited to announce that WCFC is entering into the promotional phase of our business strategy. Having staged several successful live events, which were highly regarded for both the quality of production as well as caliber of fights, and now having brought our live broadcasting online, we are positioned to begin exposing our concept and our brand to the world. Our booth plans include a cage with live martial arts demonstrations, ring girls, autograph sessions with top athletes, and video streaming of our events."
Mr. Wooten continued, "There has always been a strong overlap between the world of body building and mixed martial arts. Both sports attract similar personalities-fitness-minded individuals that thrive on competition. The Olympia Weekend is the largest event of its kind in the world and is a great place to present our product, as well as to meet potential sponsors, advertisers and fans. We expect to have a large presence at the event, where we can showcase who we are and what we have to offer to both athletes and fans." The mixed martial arts presence at the Olympia Weekend Expo has grown rapidly in the last few years, a trend that's expected to continue in 2011. Exhibitors in the past have included industry leaders in mixed martial arts, health and fitness. Category leading companies such as the UFC, MET-Rx and GNC have all found the professionally presented and dynamic feel of the Olympia Expo to be an ideal venue to present their products.
"The Martial Arts Supershow is the premium martial arts-specific show in the industry, and represents the best opportunity to learn more about integrating the various martial arts disciplines with mixed martial arts. While we are seen as predominantly an MMA brand, the WCFC is dedicated to all martial arts, and we strive to be a showcase for fighters from all disciplines. As the WCFC grows, we expect to have more traditional martial arts featured in our live events, and have practitioners from all fight styles represented online and in the ring. Attending this event will allow us to interact with companies and customers who represent a wide variety of combat sports, and will help us develop the best way to include all martial arts and mixed martial arts disciplines in our live events and broadcasts. It will also help us learn more about the interests of the martial arts and mixed martial arts communities, and to expand and develop our innovative mixed martial arts social network," Mr. Wooten said.
We saw success with RPPR and we see the same move here. Our target is .0050 to .01 CENTS with the potential to go further. 

CORONA DEL MAR, Calif., Apr 12, 2011 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- ActionView International, Inc. (Pink Sheets:AVEW) today announced that it has make significant upgrades to the www.wcfc.com website in anticipation of scheduled upcoming live events. Joe Wooten, Chief Executive Officer of ActionView, commented on the new-look website, "ActionView, as a company, continues to evolve and improve, so it is natural that our WCFC website reflects these changes. While many of the changes are visual, we have improved the overall navigation of the website, enhanced the news feature, and brought an emphasis to our live event streaming. In the coming days, we will be launching our online store where fans can purchase WCFC apparel and DVDs of past events."
WCFC has several live events scheduled for the coming weeks. On April 23, the company will stream Total Mayhem, a live event with 15 scheduled fights including a matchup of undefeated heavy weights in the main event. Kevin "The Monster" Randalman will be doing cage-side commentary.UFC veteran and strikeforce champion On May 7th, WCFC will broadcast live from the Knitting Factory in Boise, Idaho, its Asylum event featuring Kyacee "Ice Cold" Uscola vs. Jerome Hatch in the main event. Then on June 4th, WCFC will air its single elimination tournament from the Rail Event Center in Salt Lake City featuring sixteen of the top professionals in the 155lb weight class. The WCFC title belt will be given to the winner of the tournament in a process that harkens back to the early days of mixed martial arts. All three events will be broadcast live at www.wcfc.com and will be free to WCFC members.  

Our next "Pick" is in an exciting Sector MMA Mixed Martial Arts , We have seen giant ZUFFA turn UFC into a mega giant and this company keeps growing with there recent buying of STRIKEFORCE brand , well this Company is growing a huge event  JUN 4 2011 this Saturday 16 man tournament unprecedented 1 round and no smotering on  ground deduction of point for no transitioning , japanese fighting  rules this is a drastic change from UFC which could be more exciting and a different venue
In July we have Mr Olympia Expo and ActionView will be there along side UFC promoting this could be very nice for this low float low ss company, then in September 2011 we will have Mr Olympia 2011 with ActionView promoting

Another plus is the new website streaming live events pay per view and also online store.

Our Target is .0050 to 01+ Cents 

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