Saturday, April 30, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

Welcome to Penny Stock Geeks. We work hard to find you extremely undervalued pennystocks poised for explosive gains of 100%, 200% to 1,000% and more! Subscribe For The Hottest PennyStock alerts @ or and be one of the FIRST to know for just $29.99 a month.

 This week's Winners: CNUV, CMSI, CTCC,COWI= 750%+ GAINS $$$$
CNUV (China Nuvo Solar Energy) .0056 cents- We bought this stock to our VIP Gold members back several months ago when the stock was at .0014 cents. Since then our members were able to grab shares as low as .0012 to .0016 cents from our initial alert. The stock surged over a month ago to hit .0066 cents bringing in over 400%+ gains before dropping all the way down to .0025 cents. We had been behind this stock all along and assured everyone this was just the beginning of many great things yet to come. Since then the stock roared back and hit an intraday high of .0065 cents yesterday before retracing slightly back to .0056 cents on incredible volume never before seen on this stock. With the FREYA merger just around the corner we can only say one thing; "gentlemen fasten your seatbelts because the ride is just starting". That being said one needs not to look any further to put the pieces of the puzzle together of what CNUV could become. We believe CNUV will be one of the most talked about penny stocks in the days and weeks to come and just like our past CWRN 8,700% gainer you can trust we have done our due diligence and believe CNUV has got what it takes to make it to the next level. Our target price for the near term is 02 to 05 cents with the strong possibility to go much further the way things have been going lately.
CMSI- We alerted this to our VIP Gold members at .012 cents and the strong surged yesterday hitting 0.024 cents posting another incredible 100% easy gains to be made from our alert to our VIP Gold members.
CTCC- This is a stock alerted some time ago which bought about 40% gains the very first time we alerted it and was manipulated and heavily shorted. The stock was again bought to our VIP Gold members at its lows at .0070 cents and surged yesterday hitting an intraday high of .019 cents. The company has just released their new website and things are looking extremely well for CTCC and its shareholders. Our next target price is .05 cents which could happen sometime next week.

COWI .0008 cents- This is a stock alerted to our VIP Gold members at .0005 cents on monday. In 2 days the stock hit .0012 cents posting 120% in gains for our VIP Gold members. After retracing back to .0005 cents the stock hit .0009 cents again bringing in another further 80% gains for our VIP Gold members.
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